We're never late. Here's how we do it:

With growing competition from on demand transportation network companies and loads of new car services popping up everywhere, every day, we knew we needed a fresh way to stay ahead of our competitors. So we looked to technology to help us improve our offerings.

We Don't Over-schedule.

Often times, car services will overbook their trips and schedule pickups and drop-offs with almost no time in between, leaving very little margin for error. This creates chaos for dispatch staff, immense stress for drivers and late pickups or no shows for clients.

At Black Rock Limo, we make sure our daily schedules are free of potential conflicts by responsibly assigning our chauffeurs with a focus on extra time for traffic or delays, not our bottom line.

Smart Software.

Our cutting edge reservation software can determine when and where there are delays. So if your scheduled ride's routing information shows there's a traffic jam, our software calculates this and automatically alerts your driver to leave earlier based on these conditions. We call this "Smart Dispatching".

Back ups for our back ups.

You may be concerned that your driver will oversleep for your 3:00am pickup. With Black Rock Limo you can rest easy knowing that our system handles this with our virtual dispatcher system. Using advanced geo-location algorithms, our software uses your trip information to determine the correct time to wake up your driver for your ride, based on the distance between our office to your location and if there will be traffic.

What if your driver's phone is dead and he doesn't get the alert? Our system automatically dispatches your trip to one of our on call drivers. Boom. Problem solved.