If you've recently received a call from our main phone number (877) 352-5576 and there was no one on the line or you received a message about something like your car warranty expiring, please be advised that this is NOT our company calling you.

We've recently discovered that we're a victim of something called "Caller ID spoofing", whereby someone uses an app or software to "spoof" our phone number and place spam type calls from it. We've now received several phone calls from angry folks that think we're placing calls to them when we are not in fact doing anything.

So to be clear: That's not us calling you! If you receive a call from (877) 352-5576, unless you are a client of ours, please do not pick up. We do not spam call anyone!

You may be wondering why it appears we are not doing anything to fix this. The problem is, there's nothing we can do. We've reached out to our VOIP provider, phone carrier, the FCC and our local police department - the answer is the same: If you are a victim of Caller ID spoofing, there's nothing you can do but change your phone number. As a business that relies on it's phone number, you can see why this is a problem for us. Even after we've changed the number, the person responsible can continue to do this with the number.

To learn more about what exactly is happening here, this link can offer more of an explanation:


Black Rock Limousine Co. - Management