76 percent.

That's how many of our new clients have come to us because their last car service was either late or just never showed up.

Based on that data, we knew that focusing on making ourselves rock solid reliable with an airtight system was the key to our success. To insure that we wouldn't become someone else's statistic, we developed a process using cutting edge technology and a dose of common to prevent late pickups and no shows.

The results of our efforts are what keeps us consistently ranked as one of the nations top rated car services. And it allows us to say things like: "We're never late".


So How Are We Always On Time?

Yes, it's a bold statement, but we can stand by it. You can check out our glowing online reviews here, here and here. Or you can read on and learn about "the how" to our claim.


We Don't Over-schedule.

Often times, car services will overbook their trips and schedule pickups and drop-offs with almost no time in between, leaving very little margin for error. This creates chaos for dispatch staff, immense stress for drivers and late pickups or no shows for clients.

At Black Rock Limo, we make sure our daily schedules are free of potential conflicts by responsibly assigning our chauffeurs with a focus on extra time for traffic or delays, not our bottom line.


We Use Smart Software.

Our cutting edge reservation software can determine when and where there are delays. So if your scheduled ride's routing information shows there's a traffic jam, our software calculates this and automatically alerts your driver to leave earlier based on these conditions. We call this "Smart Dispatching".


Back Ups For Our Back Ups.

You may be concerned that your driver will oversleep for your 3:00am pickup. With Black Rock Limo you can rest easy knowing that our backend handles this with our virtual dispatch system. Using advanced geo-location algorithms, our software uses your trip information to determine the correct time to wake up your driver for your ride, based on the distance between our office to your location, and if there will be traffic along the route.

What if your driver's phone is dead and he doesn't get the alert? Our system automatically dispatches your trip to one of our on call drivers. Boom.

So stop dealing with amateur car services that say they'll be on time, but never actually tell you how.

Your flight, meeting, or appointment are all too valuable to risk. 


Always Be On Time In Clean And Reliable Late Model Vehicles.


Sedan Flat Rates Starting at $99.00* to EWR


Our Lincoln Town Car and MKS/T sedans are comfortable, quiet and ultra reliable. The gold standard for luxury transportation for decades. Our sedans can comfortably seat up to 3 passengers with 3-4 bags. 

*Gratuity & Tolls extra


SUV Flat Rates Starting at $134.00* to EWR

With room for up to 6 passengers with luggage, our rugged Chevy Suburban SUV's are the way to go when you need some extra room.

*Gratuity & Tolls extra