Gas Cards

Fuel PIN - 5411

Each car comes equipped with a gas card in either the overhead visor or the ashtray under the radio.

At the pump, the attendant will ask for the current odometer read out and the PIN. The PIN is listed above.

The gas card works at any gas station, however, gas can be far more expensive at some stations than others, so please fill up at our suggested stations:

Quick Chek - Matawan GSP Exit 120


WaWa - Outside EWR


Stations To Avoid

Unfortunately, the stations local to our lot are overpriced. The Exxon, Shell and ESPECIALLY the LUKOIL station are typically 30-40 cents higher than the recommended stations. If you do use the stations in town during the day and we are unable to discern why you stopped here, please be advised that you may need to complete a fuel report explaining why you used this station.