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Submitting Your Schedule

We use a tool called DriverSchedule that allows you to do the following things:

  • Submit and view your schedule
  • Submit Time Off requests

Every week you will be prompted by the software to submit your schedule for the following week.

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More On The Schedule...

During the work week, you will receive your assigned rides by 4:00pm EST for the following day.

You will receive both an e-mailed trip sheet as well as a notification in your DriverAnywhere app. Accepting in the DriverAnywhere app will let us know you've confirmed the trip.

If after 4:00pm EST you have not received a trip assignment for the following day, any trips we call in or assign afterwards can be declined without a trip rejection form.

Should you decline a trip that is within your availability and a time off request was not made 36 hours prior, you will receive a trip decline sign off sheet that states you rejected work within your available working hours. Accumulation of (3) decline sheets in the period of (1) year may result in suspension or termination of employment.