A grand opening is a great thing. It's an atmosphere. An atmosphere of hope and excitement for a new business! The challenge for the business lies in maintaining that atmosphere. Whether it's a supermarket, a flower shop, or in our case, a luxury car service, this is something that we aim for. The way  that its done is different, but the results should be the same: a business that keeps itself fresh for it's customers and its employees on a permanent basis.  It is far too common for a business to reach a point where "just getting by" becomes the norm. When it's two weeks or two years after a true grand opening, and things just become ho hum.

Black Rock Limousine Company does not "just get by". Our promise to you is not just a VIP traveling experience, but one that consistently stays that way every time you call on us. One that maintains the "Grand Opening Atmosphere" from the call in, to the moment you arrive at your destination.