Business Travelers HATE this...

We often think about our clients pain points. Our goal is to make the car service side of your travels virtually pain free. One pet peeve of our corporate traveler crowd is getting on time RIDE RECEIPTS. Believe it or not, in 2017, this is a difficult thing to obtain from a surprising amount of our competitors!

Why on EARTH is this difficult? Here's what one of our corporate admins had to say recently on the subject:


"Before we started using you guys, we could NEVER get (large/local competitor name) to send us trip receipts on time. It is such a huge pain if we don't get them on time, and we complained and complained, but we would still receive them sometimes up to ten days out!"

That's simply unacceptable. She went on to explain the excruciating process of getting a single receipt, a process that involved calling dispatch first, and then getting passed around until she hung up and had to call in again.

With Black Rock Limo you'll receive a ride receipt RIGHT AFTER a drop off is complete. It's that easy! It's linked to automatically generate when your trip has been completed in our system. Accidentally deleted one? You can log into your account dashboard from our website and retrieve any old receipt from there! We can also have a PDF attached to your receipts at your request if that makes it easier.

The moral of the story? You should never have to wait for your ride OR your receipt! 




Providing (Consistently!) Highly Rated Limo Services to Central NJ

It's one thing to receive positive reviews on Yelp, Angie's List, Google and Facebook. It's a whole 'nother thing keeping them positive!

Now in our 5th year of business, we've developed a rhythm to our service. Things "just work" as they say. Whether you're interested in a ride to EWR, JFK or LGA, or your looking to head out for a night on the town, we're the best at it and we've got our awards and great reviews to back us up!

Our bread and butter is the Central New Jersey region - Princeton, East Brunswick, East Windsor, West Windsor, Hamilton, Millstone, Milltown, New Brunswick, Old Bridge, Jamesburg, Monroe Township, Matawan, Skillman, Montgomery, you name it, we serve it!  And we're the best! Our rates are super competitive, our drivers are trained and background checked, our cars are clean and we're always on time!

So the next time you need a sedan or SUV ride to the airport, or you want to cruise the city in style, hop online and reserve a ride or call us at (877) 352-5576! We're always here to help and we're proud to be NJ's best limo service!!

- The Black Rock Limo Team





That's A Real Problem

I could write blogs all day long about why I think Uber - especially from an ethical standpoint - is totally and utterly despicable. They make it incredibly easy. At the same time though, I get how that looks. Truth be told, I don't really care for haters either. I normally shy away from competitor bashing and just focus on what makes what we do so great. That's the way it should be! But sometimes, you know how something just gets soooo under your skin you feel you have to open your mouth about it? This is one of those times for me.

So what is Uber doing to get me so ticked off right now?

I was watching that commercial Uber is using to promote itself as a great place for people to earn a side income. That's the one where the guy drives for a while, stops to eat an apple on a bench, then drives some more. Hey, you know what? In theory, I think that idea is great. And you know Uber looooves to drive home (no pun intended) the idea of how great it is to make your own hours as a huge benefit for it's potential "driver partners"...(who BTW, are just employees disguised as independent contractors for the sake of saving Uber insane amounts of money.. but I won't get started on that).

So what's wrong with flexible, "work when you want" hours? The issue starts with this: there's a lot of people driving for Uber that are hard up for money. For many, Uber is NOT just a side gig, it's a full time job that they live and provide off of. And being that there's no safety feature within the Uber app, to say, lock drivers out after they've been driving for extended periods of time, guess what happens? Those "side hustling", apple on bench eating driver partners who are their own bosses (and can drive and earn as long as they like), quickly become drowsy and unfocused drivers. That is a HUGE safety issue and a REAL problem.


My question is this: Wouldn't it be reasonable to activate a feature within the Uber Driver app to shut drivers down after they've been at it for extended periods of time? I mean, if someone is driving for 14 hours with only minimal breaks in between, that should be regulated, no?

Here's why that won't happen any time soon - In case you haven't noticed, Uber goes to some lengths to entice new drivers to sign up. They have to be hell bent on constantly hiring new people because they lose tons everyday due to that fancy rating system they claim keeps everyone in order (of course, I guess that depends on your definition of "order")

So to maintain the necessary coverage required to meet the incredible demand for rides that the app receives, they need to keep that steady flow of new "driver partners" coming in at a rapid clip. That means the biggest issue for them with enforcing safety measures like this (BTW this also goes for all of the things they skip out on like in person interviews, fingerprinting, etc.) is as follows: if they force their drivers to work shorter hours, not only would many initially quit the platform due to a decrease in ability to earn, the ones that do stay would be forced out of working in times that Uber could potentially need them, causing a massive and sustained lapse in coverage. In turn, that would cost Uber loads of moola.

I imagine Uber's rebuttal would probably go something like, "We do care for the safety of our driver partners and our riders". Then, they'd also try to further validate that silly and broken rating system by saying something like, "And that's why our innovative rating system is in place, to help weed out the bad drivers and only keep the good ones."

Hey, that's great guys. I only see one glaring flaw with that - 

If your driver is falling asleep at the wheel, and you're headed directly into oncoming traffic, giving him a one star rating probably won't do much good at that point. 



Big News!

It is with great pride and excitement that we officially announce our acquisition of Red Bank Limo!

Click me to view larger!

Red Bank Limo has been providing unparalleled customer service to the Red Bank/Little Silver/Rumson/Fair Haven area for the past three decades. Named the industry's "Safest Limousine Service" by Lancer Insurance for an astonishing ten years in a row, Red Bank is in a league of it's own when it comes to providing a secure ride. They've also been awarded "Best Transportation Service" by the Asbury Park Press three times and are regularly featured by LCT (Limousine, Charter & Tour) magazine as the industries "Best Small Operator"!

With all of those accolades, when the opportunity to get involved with this highly regarded company was announced, we knew we had to jump on it. Red Bank Limo is widely respected throughout our industry by clients and it's peers alike, and it's sterling reputation is exactly what we at Black Rock strive to emulate every day.

So, what does this mean for our loyal Black Rock Limo clients?

  • Even Safer Rides - We've always been proud of our own safety record, but Red Bank Limo is in a league of its own. By duplicating their proven practices at Black Rock, you can always expect the highest levels of security in the business, whenever you or your family ride with us.

  • Expanded Service Area - By expanding our services into Red Bank, we can now provide an even larger ride coverage area then ever before! Our larger fleet of Sedans and SUVs are ready to go when you are!


It's all good! :)

We are so excited to begin our future with both Black Rock and Red Bank Limo moving forward as a collective whole. Both companies have a proven track record with a combined 50+ 5 Star Yelp Ratings, 30+ A ratings on Angie's List and dozens of five star Facebook reviews

As always, if you have any questions about this, or anything else you'd like to ask, send us an e-mail to!

Looking forward to your next ride with us!

Brent Abruzese
Owner, Black Rock Limousine

(877) 352-5576 -





Thank you, Princeton! :)

Thank you, Princeton!

According to our latest web analysis, Princeton, NJ is our top source (40% in fact!) for clients and website visitors!

As Princeton is home to so many of our regular business travelers, this actually doesn't come as a surprise! Our Princeton clients (specifically the business travelers) love our easy online booking features and iOS (and Android) app! 

So a special thank you is in order to the citizens of Princeton, New Jersey!! We are so thrilled that you check us out so frequently and use (and love) our various limo services! The next time you need a limo in Princeton, give us a call at (877) 352-5576 or head over to our Online Booking page to reserve your ride!




Two years in a row!!


Two years in a row!!

Thank you so much to our clients who have left us such wonderful reviews on Angie's List!!

We're proud to announce we've won the Angie's List 2015 Super Service award! We've accomplished this by maintaining a consistent "A" grade, via actual client ratings, throughout 2015!!

We won in 2014 as well, so now we're on a nice winning streak!! At the moment we're now boasting 21 A ratings on the Angie's List website. If you use Angie's List and you've used our services feel free to let us know what you think!

Thank you again to all our amazing clients who've left us reviews in 2015!! Here's to a 2016 award!!

- Brent



What we've been up to...

Hello there!

It's been a very busy fourth quarter for us at Black Rock Limousine! We're providing our award winning service to a record number of clientele and loving every second of it!! 

While all those rides are happening, we have been working hard behind the scenes to roll out some new updates to our service!

And here they are!


Text Notifications

Once your car arrives, you will receive an automated text from your driver that will alert you to their arrival! 

You'll also receive a text when your driver is on his way to you! Want an ETA? Log into our new Black Rock App and track the car in real time!

This way, you can spend those extra few minutes tying up loose ends, rather then sitting by the window waiting for headlights in your driveway!


Mobile App (iOS Only*)

Our new mobile application makes booking trips easier then ever!

  • Create an account
  • View ride history
  • Locate your driver in real time before your pickup
  • Store addresses and payment methods for making ultra quick reservations

*Please note the app is currently available only on the iTunes App Store. An Android version of our mobile app is in development!

Download the app at by clicking here!


Glow Badges (available on some rides)

Sometimes it can be difficult to locate us in that sea of black vehicles swimming around outside the Airport! So in order to stick out, we've affixed glowing badges to our vehicles on the top right corner of their windshields!

This way you'll know it's us as you approach (it's a glowing Black Rock Limousine Company logo!!)!

Still having trouble finding the car? Ask your driver to blink the light so you'll know it's them!


...Lot's going on and still more to come! :)

We're eagerly looking forward to hearing everyones feedback on these new features! We truly feel these things will make a significant difference in your experience with Black Rock Limousine. You can always e-mail us at if you have any questions about any of the new service enhancements above!

As always, we thank you for your business and wish you all a very happy holiday!!

Best Wishes,

Brent Abruzese - Black Rock Limousine Company

732-444-8608 /



Shopping Limo Services for price? Here's what you need to know about the quotes you're getting.

An all too familiar scenario...

Your quest for a ride begins with the first company on your list. The person answering the phones tells you they want $150.00 to take you to the airport, plus tax, tolls, tip and fees. You say, "Well that seems alright. That was only the first call though. Let's try another and see if we can find a lower cost." 

So you make the next call and the person answering the phone tells you $200.00 for the same ride. They also mention that the rate is all inclusive. And yes, that means exactly what it sounds like! Just like that resort you're going to where you pay one price and they include all the extras, this is what they're telling you.

So you look back at the first company you called and say, "Yes, but the first company was $150.00. How much more could taxes, tolls, tips and fees be?". You call back the first company and book your ride.

The morning of your pickup the driver arrives at your door, loads you up and whisks you off to the airport. That's when you start thinking. Maybe it's the coffee, maybe it's the lack of sleep, but you're starting to get paranoid. Hey, how much ARE taxes, tip, tolls and fees? Upon asking the driver for a total, you're told the ride will cost $225.00. Doh!

For starters, I'm actually being generous with the cost difference in my example. I've heard stories WAY worse from clients. I just wanted to illustrate a believable example! So how DO they get to that number? It doesn't matter now. You're at the airport and your rides been charged to your card. 

And by the way, to make things worse, some deceptive services will even have you sign off on paperwork that has you waiving your right to a credit card dispute!

At Black Rock Limousine we do not quote flat rate pricing and then hide the other associated costs with a blanket "plus, plus" statement. We quote ALL INCLUSIVE TOTALS. So while it may SOUND like we are more expensive then another service, we may very well be (much) less.

Here's some common fees that companies hide with that bait and switch tactic:

- STC Surcharge (9%-17%)

- Admin Fee (4%-10%)

- Fuel Surcharge (5%-10%)

- Surge Pricing (10%-200%(!!))

That can add up to a lot!! And those are just some examples.

Please don't get me wrong, though! These fees aren't just made up to grab more money. In fact, most of these fees ARE there to cover legitimate operating expenses. The issue here stems from the way they are presented: 

Like a sucker punch at the end of your ride!

 Uber: For those of us that don't need money.

Uber: For those of us that don't need money.

Why do they do this, then? 

Generally speaking, when companies cannot compete on reputation or creative marketing they are left to compete solely on pricing. So instead of working harder to attract new clients by, say, actually providing quality service, they resort to telling you one low price on the phone and charging you 50% more in person after services have been rendered. Not cool.

So when you're making those calls, be wary of what you're hearing! Simply ask: "Does that price include EVERYTHING?". These costs (with the exception of tolls and parking) are pre-determined. There's absolutely no reason the company should not be able to provide you with a breakdown over the phone when prompted.

Still have some questions about this? Call us @ (732) 444-8608 and we can explain it even further! 

PS: Another option, if you REALLY want to take a walk on the wild side, is using Uber! (Yes folks, thats the fare estimate for a sedan ride from Matawan, NJ to JFK Airport. Hopefully it's a sunny day when you need that pickup ;).)






Online booking and P/T Driving help!

It's been a busy spring thus far at Black Rock Limousine Company! If you've booked a wedding or prom or ANYTHING with us over the last 2 (record breaking) months, thank you!!!


Our New Online Reservation System

OK, up first, although it's been online for a bit now, we're proud and excited to unveil our new online reservation page!


Thanks to Andy over at RideTop for developing our favorite online booking solution! Andy's team is ultra-responsive, capable, and develops using modern practices and design schemes (unlike a lot of what we were subjected to before finding him!)!

Additionally, our limousine booking app (based on Andy's RideTop back end) will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store within the next few days!

The app will allow you to:

  • Quickly and easily book our luxury limousines on the fly from your phone
  • See past rides and upcoming rides
  • Add and update methods of payment
  • Check out our fleet

We will post links on our landing page when the apps are officially available!


Part Time Driving Positions

Do you know someone over 25 with a clean driving record that may be looking for flexible, part time driving work? Check out our landing page for our part time driving application! Click the button that says "Apply to Drive" for the application!

Looking forward to your ride!

- Brent




Fast and Easy

So I just took a call in from a regular client of ours and I wanted to share how quickly we were on and off the phone -

Here's how the conversation went:

Me: "Black Rock Limousine, this is Brent speaking."

Client: "Hi Brent, this is John C., I need a sedan ride this Sunday at 7:00am from my house to Newark Airport."

Me: "No problem, John! Is the ride just for yourself?"

Client: "It is."

Me: "Ok perfect, did you need to make arrangements for the return trip as well?"

Client: "Yes. I'll be returning the following Wednesday at ----pm on United Flight ----."

Me: "Great! I'm sending your confirmations and we will see you this Sunday at 7:00am!"

Client: "Thank you!"

Total elapsed time - 46 seconds.

If, like most busy people, you value convenience and efficiency, it doesn't get much better than that! He literally booked a round trip to the airport with us in under a minute and received his confirmation e-mails shortly thereafter! It's amazing the things you can do when you have a rhythm worked out with a limousine service that knows you and treats you like a human, not a number!




Another Awesome Yelp Review!

Thanks again to Chris K. for another awesome review!!

Click me to read!

Check it out! Chris' write up illustrates how much money can be saved by taking an extra second and talking into the phone to a human (and supporting a local small business run by people who care), rather then tapping on it and feeding your hard earned money to an arrogant, greedy and unethical mega-company, who routinely find themselves in the news for either grossly overcharging their users, or issuing lukewarm apologies for the latest rapes and assaults taking place in their cars!

BTW: One feature that Chris and other Uber users love is the ability to store their card on file so there's no need to pay in the car.

Did you know we do that as well? Now you know!


New addition to the fleet!


New addition to the fleet!

We're very proud to announce the newest addition to our fleet: The 2015 Lincoln MKS!

Our new 2015 Lincoln MKS comes equipped with a variety of luxurious features and amenities that we are confident will make it a client favorite.

So, why the MKS?

The old land yacht Lincoln Town car, with its insane leg room, gigantic trunk, and cloud soft ride used to be the undeniable truth in luxury transportation. Just like when you think of hockey you think of Wayne Gretzky, when you think of Basketball, it's Michael Jordan, and when you think of garbage, you think of Akeem. Thinking of limousines will almost undoubtedly conjure up images of black Lincoln Town Cars. They are (were) truly iconic.

 Oye. C'mon, Lincoln.

Oye. C'mon, Lincoln.

The MKT "solution".

It goes without saying that in 2011, when the Town Car was discontinued, we all collectively flipped our chauffeur lids. The answer was (and still is) no longer so obvious. Lincoln introduced the MKT, dubbing it the "official" successor to the Town Car, but I think if we're all being honest here, it's looking pretty "unofficial" as far as styling goes. Bleh.

This industry as a whole is now faced with finding vehicles to fill the void. If you're a frequent traveler, you've most likely seen (or been driven in) the Cadillac XTS, Lincoln MKS, Chrysler 300, Ford Flex, Toyota Avalon, BMW 5 series, Mercedes E-Class and, in some places, the Hyundai Equus/Genesis, amongst others. There's clearly more options than ever, so it really comes down to the preference of the limo service.

We chose the MKS because it felt better riding around in the back seat than any of the other cars we tested. 

 Now we're talking!

Now we're talking!

The MKS felt more spacious and the ride was just a bit more comfortable/quiet than the others tested. I'm not about to go into specs, dimensions, etc. because I don't think it matters. In the end, after having narrowed it down to the '15 Cadillac XTS, '15 Chrysler 300, and the '15 Hyundai Genesis, the MKS won out for us because of that.

Does that mean the search for the perfect Town Car replacement is over? No. At least I don't think so. These cars, as beautiful and comfortable as they are, are still placeholders for what's to come for the luxury chauffeured transportation market, in my opinion. Lincoln has definitely shown us a glimpse of some "whats to come" at the NY Auto show recently with it's eye-catching, attention-grabbing, Continental Concept (slated for a release sometime in 2016). We're pretty excited for that one.

OK, so are you done telling us why you picked this car? I mean, it's just a car!

Alright, if you think this explanation of why we decided on the Lincoln seems a bit excessive, I'd agree with you. I tend to get longwinded :) 

The thing is this, though: What we pick you up in, while it might not matter THAT much to you, matters VERY much to us.

Most of our clients will tell us "if the car is clean, on time, and you guys smell good and communicate effectively, that's good enough!".

And those things ARE important! But we are not content with stopping there.

We are always seeking ways to take a good ride and make it great. Even if it's a tiny detail, we look at it. Even if you say it doesn't matter "that much", we look at that, too! And if part of that commitment to being attentive for your sake involves going out of our way to make countless car salesman feel awkward, as we ask to sit in the back while they drive around so that we can listen to our rears and make a final decision on our next sedan, so be it!

Call @ (732) 444-8608 or drop us a line @ and book our new MKS for a ride today! 

Looking forward to your next ride!

- Brent



You may have noticed...

Notice anything different about us?

If you've booked with us recently, you may have received our new 12 Hour Courtesy e-mail! 

Available going forward, this update to our service was added to afford additional peace of mind to you, our valued clients.

In addition to acting as a final notification before your pickup, we've included additional Driver and Vehicle information to make locating your assigned chauffeur that much easier!

We only ask that you take a few moments when you receive it to look over the details and make sure all the information appears correct!

Have a Happy Holidays and thank you for choosing Black Rock Limousine Co.!

- Brent



One of the more atrocious things I've seen...

One of the more atrocious things I've seen other car services do: 

 A valued client enjoying a smoke free ride!

A valued client enjoying a smoke free ride!

Using car and booster seats that smell like the babies they've been carrying are chain smokers!

I wish I was kidding!

Most likely it is because these "services" allow smoking in whatever dispatch office they hold the seats in before use. It's pretty appalling.

With that being said, our child seats are of the non-smoking (and complimentary) variety!

We can provide the 5 point strap style seating (Front and Rear facing) or the standard booster seats for children that are older.

Our seats are manufactured by EvenFlo and Eddie Bauer and are constructed with your child's comfort and safety in mind.

Did I mention we don't charge you to use them?

Call or text 732-444-8608 today to reserve your ride!

Or get a quote online HERE.



10 things to do when you get to the Airport

Today's post revolves around things to do when you get to the Airport. Doing these things may seem obvious, but it's sometimes easy to forget the simple things when you're running around trying to get ready!

1. Make sure your phone/laptop/tablet are charged.

Most people nowadays have a cellphone, laptop, tablet or some combination of all of those devices. If you haven't charged them up at home, or with us in the car (our sedans, limos and SUV's offer chargers for every device) you will want to make sure that you at least have your cellphone juiced and ready to go! The local Airports we service (EWR, JFK, LGA, PHL, ACY etc.) all have charging stations or wall outlets to accommodate travelers running low on power. If you are having a limo driver meet you at your arriving destination you DEFINITELY want to have your cellphone turned ON!

2. Bring cash (or whatever currency is necessary if traveling abroad).

It's important that you always carry cash on you for emergencies if you are traveling because not everyone accepts Credit Cards! This one seems obvious, but it can be easy to forget in the scheme of things. Say for example your limo doesn't show up when you land in a foreign country and you're in need of a taxi. If the driver doesn't accept your VISA card you'll quickly find yourself wishing you had stopped at the currency exchange for some backup funds.

3. Bring or buy sanitary wipes/hand sanitizer (and maybe wear some gloves).

OK this goes without saying now. Especially if you're traveling abroad. Since we are in the midst of an Ebola outbreak, we'd advise against getting too close to anyone to begin with unless absolutely necessary. Obviously you won't be traveling in a full hazmat suit, so the next best thing may be to wear gloves of some sort and bring sanitizer wipes for a quick once over on the arm rests and tray tables. You can't be too careful with this.

4. Check the weather where you're headed.

Don't get caught without an umbrella! If your destination calls for rain, make a pit stop and grab something to cover up with.

5. Download Google Translate.

Google Translate is a very handy app to have if you're traveling abroad and you don't speak the native language! And don't forget to download a good currency exchange rate app as well! Very good for converting currencies for reference when making purchases in foreign places!

6. Research good Limousine Services.

Finding a good limo service beforehand can make all the difference in the world when you arrive somewhere you've never been. A good limo service will of course be there waiting for you, but will also send a knowledgable chauffeur that knows the area! Your chauffeur should be able to give you a good rundown on places to eat and things to see! Any reputable highly rated service (see Yelp, Google etc.) will be up to this task. If you're traveling in cities like London, Paris, or Rome we can also set you up with one of our trusted affiliate services! We've done the research ourselves and even have the ability to book your transportation from our end so you only need to make one phone call to finalize all the transportation for your trip! We're your one stop limo shop!

7. Call your Credit Card providers.

Make sure if you want to use your Credit Cards out of the state/country that you let them know you are going to be traveling. Otherwise, they may flag your activity and lock your funds in an effort to keep you secure. This is actually a very good thing as most fraudulent activity happens in states other than the one you reside. It CAN be a nuisance however if the activity is your own!

8. Watching Movies on iTunes?

I've made this mistake myself a few times. If you're using iTunes to rent movies for your flight, make sure before you board the plane that you have connected to the iTunes store via WiFi and started any movies you're going to watch for at least the first few seconds. The iTunes store needs an initial WiFi connection to allow you access so lock into a free hotspot in the terminal and start any movies before take-off so you can watch if your plane doesn't include WiFi!

9. Check the status of your flight.

Downloading the FlightAware app to your smartphone is a great way to check to see if your plane is ready at the gate. It's also great if you're delayed because of a wait on your plane and you want to see how far along that flight is. Many times the your app will update quicker then the Airports does!

10. Download your Airlines app.

One great thing about flying airlines like JetBlue, United, American and Delta are the fantastic apps they have that allow you to upgrade seating, get valuable flight info and perform other important flight related functions! You can also check to see if your flight comes with onboard power plugs and WiFi or other entertainment options.



Could this be Putin's next Limo?

Here's a wild clip video of a concept limo that may be in use by Russian President Vladimir Putin sometime in the future. It looks like an ugly cross between a Chrysler 300 and a Bentley if you ask me.



The Beast

With the President hanging around NYC the past few days for the 2014 UN Climate Summit, I figured why not link up this awesome video about "The Beast" the President's awesome state of the art limo! Enjoy!

From the website: "The Presidential limousine is a state of the art vehicle designed to evade terrorist attacks. Comprised of 8 inch armor plating in the doors , ballistic glass, night vision cameras and run flat tires."


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The Paperless Office

As a limo and car service, the nature of our business tends to leave a larger carbon footprint then others. While we take great measures in making sure our vehicles are as fuel efficient as possible through a rigid maintenance program, big body sedans and SUV's are still a drag on the environment no matter how you look at it. 

In order to try and mitigate some of these effects and reduce our footprint, we have decided to push forward with a "paperless office" initiative. Our goal is to completely eliminate our use of paper all together.

We will accomplish this by: 

  1. Requesting e-docs from all of our associates, colleagues, and vendors.
  2. Utilizing document scanners to store all of our existing paper electronically. 
  3. Converting all ongoing paper correspondence into e-mail. 
  4. Faxed in documents will be transmitted through an "e-fax" service like TrustFax. 
  5. Current paper documents such as employment applications and credit authorization forms will all be completed using PDF programs and Adobe EchoSign technologies.

Read on below to see some of the statistics from 


Cutting trees that release oxygen for our environment

  • Energy usage and release of harmful gases in pulp and paper industry
  • Fuel consumption by air, rail, and road transport distributing reams of paper
  • Fuel consumption sending paper documents via ground & air courier services
  • Manufacturing printers, ink and toner cartridges

Consider the following facts about the paper and ink industry:

  • Paper consumption has tripled since 1960 and Americans generate 85 million tons of paper into the waste stream
  • The U.S. pulp and paper industry is the 2nd largest consumer of energy
  • EPA estimates that more than 400 million ink and 100 million toner cartridges end up in landfills each year
  • The average U.S. officer worker prints 10,000 pages per year

Consider the environmental impact of just 10 million pages:

  • 2,500 trees
  • 56,000 gallons of oil
  • 450 cubic yards of landfill space
  • 595,000 KW (kilowatts) of energy 

   (Data Source:

If you're in business, or you're just curious about how you can help and you'd like to become a part of the paperless movement, check out for some great how-to videos on what it takes to get started! De-cluttering is a great feeling!!

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What time should you get to the Airport?

When arranging transportation for folks that are not frequent flyers, we tend to get the question: "What time should I arrive at the Airport before my flight?" an awful lot. To clear things up, we've decided to blog about this FAQ for our Airport "newbie" clients.


What the airlines recommend:

 Most major airlines recommend you arrive: 

2 hours early for a Domestic flight


3 hours early for an International flight.

Arriving early allows you extra time to check in for your flight (in some cases you can do this online now), wait in line through security checkpoints, and get to your appropriate departure gate.  For many travelers, especially if you have not traveled frequently in the past, arriving at these times will allow you to familiarize yourself with the Airport terminal  and give you the peace of mind that you will not miss your flight.

Check out these awesome articles - 

USA Today article is a perfect reference guide for knowing when to arrive early and in some cases when you can afford to arrive later. 


This Forbes article describes the best and worst times to fly.

Don't forget that the best way to get TO the Airport is by booking a Sedan with us. Early morning driving (which is the best time to get to the Airport) can be hazardous. Allow our trained professional Chauffeurs to handle that early morning hustle for you.