When my wife and I were married in 2014, I knew our big day was going to be a cinch. How?

For one, I was providing all my own transportation! I knew my team would be up for the challenge because we're ALWAYS up for the challenge! Transportation? Ha! Check.


Second, my wife is an experienced event coordinator with tons of Weddings under her belt. She's planned big ones, small ones, ones with crazy photographers and ones with freaked out and frazzled brides and grooms. She's unflappable. Planning? Boom! Check.

So you're probably thinking, "Ok, good for you, but how does that help me? I don't own a limousine service and my spouse isn't an event planner." That's OK! We're here to take care of that!

We've developed an ironclad strategy that we've (Ok, my wife the event coordinator) designed to ensure the transportation on your Wedding Day runs perfect.

Wanna know why we're so confident? Here's what we do:

1. We Ask The Right Questions

We start off with an in depth questionnaire to understand exactly what you are looking for on your Wedding Day. Once we have an idea, we make vehicle suggestions. Why do we make suggestions? We have experience doing this, therefore, we are in a position to make the best recommendations possible based on your specific needs.

2. We Propose (no pun intended)

With those initial details covered, we get started on creating a custom pricing proposal that is transparent (ie. contains no hidden fees or crazy fine print nonsense) and easy to understand. We cover every detail from soup to nuts! Once complete, we deliver the proposal to you via e-mail and contact you at a time convenient for you to discuss.

3. We Research

Upon acceptance of the proposal, we begin researching your Wedding Day. Are there other events occurring nearby that may cause traffic? Are there any planned road closures we should be aware of? Does the planned route go through any high traffic areas that may impede? So on and so forth. We perform this scanning process until your Wedding Day to ensure no issues arise as the date draws near.

4. We Communicate

If any issues are discovered, we contact you via e-mail to discuss and suggest alternative solutions as necessary. We are always available to communicate and make adjustments as needed to ensure the happiness of the Bride and Groom before, during and after the Wedding! :)

5. The Final Preparations

The day before, we send you your Chauffeur profile e-mails. This contains the picture of your Chauffeur(s) as well as their direct contact information. Then, we assign your dedicated point of contact that will oversee your Wedding's logistics - our dedicated point of contact communicates directly with YOUR dedicated point of contact.

6. The Big Day!

Our Chauffeurs arrive 15 minutes to scheduled pickup times dressed impeccably, in your selected vehicles, fully briefed and prepared to follow the itinerary with laser-like precision.

We do this with all of our Wedding clients, now matter how large or small the Wedding. Does it work? You're damn right it does.

Here are some of the things we DON'T do:

  • Not answer our phones before or on your Wedding Day (happens all the time).

  • Simply ask you, "What cars do you want?"

  • Quote you one price and charge you 100x more the day of your Wedding.

  • Send dirty, rickety, under-maintained vehicles with broken Air Conditioners and duct tape holding up the front bumpers.

  • Go into your Wedding Day without a detailed plan of action and just "hope for the best".

We don't have to tell you to make sure your vendors are trustworthy and reliable for your Wedding Day. That's obvious! We CAN tell you that we are one of New Jersey's most awarded and highly rated limousine services because WE CARE about our clients!!


Heard enough? Let's get started! Click the button above to begin our intake questionnaire! Or call (732) 285-1048, ask for me (Brent), and let's get this show on the road!

All the best,