We often think about our clients pain points. Our goal is to make the car service side of your travels virtually pain free. One pet peeve of our corporate traveler crowd is getting on time RIDE RECEIPTS. Believe it or not, in 2017, this is a difficult thing to obtain from a surprising amount of our competitors!

Why on EARTH is this difficult? Here's what one of our corporate admins had to say recently on the subject:


"Before we started using you guys, we could NEVER get (large/local competitor name) to send us trip receipts on time. It is such a huge pain if we don't get them on time, and we complained and complained, but we would still receive them sometimes up to ten days out!"

That's simply unacceptable. She went on to explain the excruciating process of getting a single receipt, a process that involved calling dispatch first, and then getting passed around until she hung up and had to call in again.

With Black Rock Limo you'll receive a ride receipt RIGHT AFTER a drop off is complete. It's that easy! It's linked to automatically generate when your trip has been completed in our system. Accidentally deleted one? You can log into your account dashboard from our website and retrieve any old receipt from there! We can also have a PDF attached to your receipts at your request if that makes it easier.

The moral of the story? You should never have to wait for your ride OR your receipt!