Hello there!

It's been a very busy fourth quarter for us at Black Rock Limousine! We're providing our award winning service to a record number of clientele and loving every second of it!! 

While all those rides are happening, we have been working hard behind the scenes to roll out some new updates to our service!

And here they are!


Text Notifications

Once your car arrives, you will receive an automated text from your driver that will alert you to their arrival! 

You'll also receive a text when your driver is on his way to you! Want an ETA? Log into our new Black Rock App and track the car in real time!

This way, you can spend those extra few minutes tying up loose ends, rather then sitting by the window waiting for headlights in your driveway!


Mobile App (iOS Only*)

Our new mobile application makes booking trips easier then ever!

  • Create an account
  • View ride history
  • Locate your driver in real time before your pickup
  • Store addresses and payment methods for making ultra quick reservations

*Please note the app is currently available only on the iTunes App Store. An Android version of our mobile app is in development!

Download the app at by clicking here!


Glow Badges (available on some rides)

Sometimes it can be difficult to locate us in that sea of black vehicles swimming around outside the Airport! So in order to stick out, we've affixed glowing badges to our vehicles on the top right corner of their windshields!

This way you'll know it's us as you approach (it's a glowing Black Rock Limousine Company logo!!)!

Still having trouble finding the car? Ask your driver to blink the light so you'll know it's them!


...Lot's going on and still more to come! :)

We're eagerly looking forward to hearing everyones feedback on these new features! We truly feel these things will make a significant difference in your experience with Black Rock Limousine. You can always e-mail us at info@blackrocklimonj.com if you have any questions about any of the new service enhancements above!

As always, we thank you for your business and wish you all a very happy holiday!!

Best Wishes,

Brent Abruzese - Black Rock Limousine Company

(732) 285-1048 / brent@blackrocklimonj.com