Today's post revolves around things to do when you get to the Airport. Doing these things may seem obvious, but it's sometimes easy to forget the simple things when you're running around trying to get ready!

1. Make sure your phone/laptop/tablet are charged.

Most people nowadays have a cellphone, laptop, tablet or some combination of all of those devices. If you haven't charged them up at home, or with us in the car (our sedans, limos and SUV's offer chargers for every device) you will want to make sure that you at least have your cellphone juiced and ready to go! The local Airports we service (EWR, JFK, LGA, PHL, ACY etc.) all have charging stations or wall outlets to accommodate travelers running low on power. If you are having a limo driver meet you at your arriving destination you DEFINITELY want to have your cellphone turned ON!

2. Bring cash (or whatever currency is necessary if traveling abroad).

It's important that you always carry cash on you for emergencies if you are traveling because not everyone accepts Credit Cards! This one seems obvious, but it can be easy to forget in the scheme of things. Say for example your limo doesn't show up when you land in a foreign country and you're in need of a taxi. If the driver doesn't accept your VISA card you'll quickly find yourself wishing you had stopped at the currency exchange for some backup funds.

3. Bring or buy sanitary wipes/hand sanitizer (and maybe wear some gloves).

OK this goes without saying now. Especially if you're traveling abroad. Since we are in the midst of an Ebola outbreak, we'd advise against getting too close to anyone to begin with unless absolutely necessary. Obviously you won't be traveling in a full hazmat suit, so the next best thing may be to wear gloves of some sort and bring sanitizer wipes for a quick once over on the arm rests and tray tables. You can't be too careful with this.

4. Check the weather where you're headed.

Don't get caught without an umbrella! If your destination calls for rain, make a pit stop and grab something to cover up with.

5. Download Google Translate.

Google Translate is a very handy app to have if you're traveling abroad and you don't speak the native language! And don't forget to download a good currency exchange rate app as well! Very good for converting currencies for reference when making purchases in foreign places!

6. Research good Limousine Services.

Finding a good limo service beforehand can make all the difference in the world when you arrive somewhere you've never been. A good limo service will of course be there waiting for you, but will also send a knowledgable chauffeur that knows the area! Your chauffeur should be able to give you a good rundown on places to eat and things to see! Any reputable highly rated service (see Yelp, Google etc.) will be up to this task. If you're traveling in cities like London, Paris, or Rome we can also set you up with one of our trusted affiliate services! We've done the research ourselves and even have the ability to book your transportation from our end so you only need to make one phone call to finalize all the transportation for your trip! We're your one stop limo shop!

7. Call your Credit Card providers.

Make sure if you want to use your Credit Cards out of the state/country that you let them know you are going to be traveling. Otherwise, they may flag your activity and lock your funds in an effort to keep you secure. This is actually a very good thing as most fraudulent activity happens in states other than the one you reside. It CAN be a nuisance however if the activity is your own!

8. Watching Movies on iTunes?

I've made this mistake myself a few times. If you're using iTunes to rent movies for your flight, make sure before you board the plane that you have connected to the iTunes store via WiFi and started any movies you're going to watch for at least the first few seconds. The iTunes store needs an initial WiFi connection to allow you access so lock into a free hotspot in the terminal and start any movies before take-off so you can watch if your plane doesn't include WiFi!

9. Check the status of your flight.

Downloading the FlightAware app to your smartphone is a great way to check to see if your plane is ready at the gate. It's also great if you're delayed because of a wait on your plane and you want to see how far along that flight is. Many times the your app will update quicker then the Airports does!

10. Download your Airlines app.

One great thing about flying airlines like JetBlue, United, American and Delta are the fantastic apps they have that allow you to upgrade seating, get valuable flight info and perform other important flight related functions! You can also check to see if your flight comes with onboard power plugs and WiFi or other entertainment options.