When arranging transportation for folks that are not frequent flyers, we tend to get the question: "What time should I arrive at the Airport before my flight?" an awful lot. To clear things up, we've decided to blog about this FAQ for our Airport "newbie" clients.


What the airlines recommend:

 Most major airlines recommend you arrive: 

2 hours early for a Domestic flight


3 hours early for an International flight.

Arriving early allows you extra time to check in for your flight (in some cases you can do this online now), wait in line through security checkpoints, and get to your appropriate departure gate.  For many travelers, especially if you have not traveled frequently in the past, arriving at these times will allow you to familiarize yourself with the Airport terminal  and give you the peace of mind that you will not miss your flight.

Check out these awesome articles -


USA Today article is a perfect reference guide for knowing when to arrive early and in some cases when you can afford to arrive later. 



This Forbes article describes the best and worst times to fly.

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