"Due to federal budget issues, travelers may experience flight delays at the airport, as well as at security checkpoints and during processing at international arrivals halls. Please allow extra time at the airport, and check your flight’s status with your airline."

- NY/NJ Port Authority

Thanks to some big time government budget cuts, the FAA is being forced to furlough some 47k employees (including 15k Air Traffic Controllers). The FAA is warning travelers to prepare for some ugly delays now and going forward into the Summer.

In light of this news from the FAA, when traveling to the Airport, whether it's Newark, JFK, or LaGuardia, make sure to check in on your flight's status with helpful apps like the ones from FlightTracker and Kayak. We use these (combination) of apps to make sure we are there waiting for you when you touch down. We highly recommend downloading these apps at this point in time if you are traveling in the near future.

Also, please be advised that Black Rock Limousine Co. does not track departing flights. We are not responsible for delays or cancellation of your outgoing flight. It is important to keep track of your outgoing flight in the event there is a cancellation or major delay because the travel to the airport is non-refundable once we have picked you up.