I recently had dinner with a close friend of mine who happens to work for a large and well known pharmaceutical company in northern New Jersey. During dinner, he shared some very interesting and disturbing stories with me regarding his employer's preferred limo service. The limo service in question happens to be one of the largest (not only in the state, but nationally), commanding a massive fleet of over 200 vehicles. So in terms of the limousine industry, they are like an Apple or Google. To become an "Apple" or "Google" in ANY industry, you must be doing something right. Right? Here are some of my friends tales:

On one occasion, on a trip home from JFK (airport), his driver, while in the middle of a story about his new cell phone, turned around to face my friend in the back seat to show him a cool app and at that precise moment almost drove into the highway divider! Yikes!  

Another time, on the way back from a meeting in NYC, his driver dozed off behind the wheel! The drivers excuse? "I've been on the road since midnight and they won't let me go home yet." Ouch...

On another trip leaving Newark Airport, he asked a driver to turn on the radio for him. His driver's response was, "no, thank you!". What?! Did his driver even speak English??

Perhaps the most mind blowing story though, was when one of his drivers, when asked as to why he was driving so erratically and unsafe, responded: "I've had to go to the bathroom since I picked you up!"... Wow!

So how do the big players let these "drivers" slip through the cracks? Is it simply a matter of being SO large, that striving to satisfy your clients becomes too much?  As a client, even if you're not a CEO or big executive, shouldn't you still be driven safely by a courteous and professional chauffeur?

Regardless of whatever the reason may be, the behavior exhibited by these "drivers" is completely inexcusable. As an elite limousine service, while we do not boast a 200 vehicle fleet, we CAN promise to provide you a FOCUS on TRUE safety and REAL professionalism. We pay that much more attention to the chauffeurs we send to pick you up. Our guarantee is that you will notice a BIG difference when you use our limousine service!