Not long ago, I had a client remark to me on how great it was to have WiFi available in -vehicle at no additional cost. I thanked him for the compliment on the service, but asked out of curiosity, what specifically was it that he found so great about using it? The answer was actually pretty unique, so I decided to share it: Working as an auditor for his company, he had a few reports to complete after having returned from a trip abroad. His company utilizes a cloud service which he was unable to access during his long flight. So during our trip back to his residence, he logged in from his laptop and was able to finish his reports, saving himself from having to complete them at home! I thought that was fantastic and I'm thrilled that it helped him spend more time with his family! The moral of this story? Don't forget to take advantage of this great service while you're riding with us! And of course, our WiFi isn't limited to work-only uses, but don't worry, we won't tell anyone!