200% guaranteed pickups.

That's right - 200%. At Black Rock Worldwide Chauffeured Services, we didn't become one of New Jersey's highest rated limousine companies by not showing up or being late. We are so confident in our services, that if we somehow blew it, we'll cover the cost of getting you to the Airport, and then getting you back. On the house.

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we service:

  • EWR (Newark Liberty), JFK (John F Kennedy International), LGA (La Guardia), PHL (Philadelphia), TTN (Trenton Mercer), BLM (Monmouth Executive), TEB (Teterboro), ACY (Atlantic City)

we provide:

  • Professionally trained, drug tested and background checked Chauffeurs that understand the Airports
  • Clean, late model black vehicles (none older then 4 years)
  • Complimentary water, booster/car seats
  • 100% service guarantee or 100% money back
  • 24/7 responsive service to existing clients during travel hours
  • Instant trip receipts following service

the airport conunudrum.

we looked at what goes wrong to understand how to make it right.


Whether for business or pleasure, the Airport experience is almost always a frantic one. So we've spent countless hours looking at all the ways your ride to the Airport can become an unnecessary source of stress and in turn, developed an air tight system to avoid these pitfalls:

the problems:

  • Your driver oversleeps and misses your early morning pickup.
  • Traffic on the way to your pickup location or to the Airport endangers you making your flight or arriving home on time.
  • Drivers are scheduled too tight with pickups leaving you waiting, or worse, stranded due to inexperienced dispatch staff.
  • Poorly maintained vehicles that could potentially break down.
  • Inexperienced drivers that don't know where they're going or are unfamiliar with the local area.

our 4 step system

here's what we do to make sure your ride to the airport always goes right.


1. AI Alert System

Our software automatically alerts us if our Chauffeurs or Vehicles are not where they're supposed to be, when they're supposed to be there. It pulls GPS and Traffic Data and compares that to our vehicles location and your pickup time. So if there's an issue we need to know about, such as a traffic jam, we know well in advance - not as it's happening.


2. Wake Up Calls


We trust our Chauffeurs, but we won't risk 3 or 4 am pickups going awry. Our dispatch center makes sure your Chauffeur is always awake and on the way no matter the time of day. If your Chauffeur can't be reached, another on call Chauffeur is seamlessly dispatched to.


3. Meticulously Maintained Fleet

You could always use a cheap taxi or Uber. We know that, and we know you choose us because of our reliability. So we make sure our vehicles are always maintained to the manufacturer's suggested service intervals. We employ a very accurate formula to determine when a vehicle has reached its "End of Useful Service" limit. This way we are never sending you in a vehicle that has the potential to be dangerous or unreliable.


4. Training, Training and More Training

Our Chauffeurs are trained to deliver service that is so consistent, one ride should be indistinguishable from the next. Starting with classroom training at our facility, we prep them to become professional Chauffeurs, not "drivers". Once classroom training is complete, we then train in the field until the new prospect has displayed total comfort and confidence in their understanding of our Standard Operating Procedures.