Black Rock Limo Service Home

"These guys are the bomb."

- Chris K. via Yelp.com


Black Rock Limo Service Home

"These guys are the bomb."

- Chris K. via Yelp.com

Luxury. Safety. Excellence.

32 5/5 Reviews on Yelp.com - 29/30 A Ratings on Angie's List

32 5/5 Reviews on Yelp.com - 29/30 A Ratings on Angie's List

"I'd highly recommend them over anyone else in the market. If you or your company wants reliability, consistency, service and quality...look no further."

- D. Graven via Yelp.com

Owner Brent Abruzese was recently featured and interviewed in the industries leading publication, LCT magazine.

We are serious about service...

Let's face it - most of the time, whether it's for business or pleasure, the ride to and from the airport is only a fraction of the travel you're embarking upon for trips. And it goes without saying, airports and cruise terminals are crowded and stressful places.

So with that in mind, we've designed our limousine services to be as super easy and hassle free as possible. From lightning quick and simple online reservations, to award winning in-car service, we believe the key to relieving the pains of travel start right in the beginning - with us!

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We are winners of the Angie's List Super Service Award in 2014, 2015 and 2016 with 30/30 A ratings!


Why Choose Us?

We believe in being fair and ethical.

Transparency with our rates is something we take very seriously. All rates are explained BEFORE you ride, not as you're about to get out of the car! We also carefully dispatch our drivers so they are alert, aware and not over-worked!

Our cars are all smoke free.

Smoking is not our thing. And we're going to bet it isn't yours or your families, either. That's why we've made it our mission to keep all of our vehicles 100% smoke free. To take it a step further, we've even added small charcoal bags to absorb all odors for a smoke and scent free ride! 

We come highly recommended.

Check us out on Yelp, Angie's List, Google Plus and Facebook. Our across the board 5 star ratings are the real deal. Every experience and client is authentic. And we're very proud of it!  In fact, we were recent recipients of the 2015 Angie's List Super Service award (2 years running!), given to only the top 5% of vendors on Angie's List!

Never splurge on the surge! 

We don't gouge you with ridiculous surge pricing either. You booked with us to get you there no matter what and we stand by that. When the weather outside is frightful, our chauffeurs are standing by with umbrellas - not calculators!

Our drivers rule.

We take your ride and your safety very seriously. So we drug test and run background/MVR checks on our drivers. That means you and your family/clients can count on us for the safest ride around! And bonus: Our drivers are trained and experienced! For that 4:00am ride, we don't recommend leaving it up to your neighbor and his underinsured 92' Ford Taurus. 


...And we're a local small business!

We know the area because we're FROM the area. And that's not good just because we know the best routes. We know the best places to eat, shop and play, as well. Ask your driver if you're coming into town and they'll offer up their knowledge of the area.